Principal, Mrs. H. M. Gayanie Wathsala (S.L.E.A.S II)

Deputy Principal, Mrs. G.L.Sameera Liyanage
(S.L.E.A.S. III)

Deputy Principal, Mrs. Chandima Rajapaksha
(S.L.P.S. I)

Assistant Principal, Mrs. Chynthiya Waniganeththi (S.L.P.S. III)

Assistant Principal, Mr. Sudarsha Liyanage (S.L.P.S. III)

Assistant Principal, Mr. Chandana Ganepola(S.L.P.S. III)

History and Traditions

A Brief Introduction to Yasodaravians' History

History is the record of events that took place and the history of Yasodara provides evidence for the present stability of the school.

The school was founded in the year 1905 as a "Government English School", Gampaha which conducted its classes through the bilingual medium and on the first of January 1963 , the school received its present name Yasodara Devi Balika Maha Vidyalaya. As in 1962 the post primary classes of the school were taken to Bandaranayake Maha Vidyalaya under reorganization programs. At the initiation of the school there were only 888 students and there were classes for both boys and girls. In 1964 the school was able to have a class for grade 9 and it was promoted to the state of a Maha Vidyalaya.

With the initiation of GCE O/L classes in 1969 , Yasodara Devi Balika Maha Vidyalaya climbed another rung in the ladder of success. In 1984 , 123 students sat for GCE A/L examination for the first time marking another special event in the path of the history. In 1979, the A/L commerce stream and in 1983 A/L science stream were initiated.

Founders of Yasodara

Yasodara bows her head to the former principals of the school , untiring efforts, determination and courage led the school to her present glorified status.

1963-1977 Mrs.S.W.Abesinghe

The first principal of the school was Mrs. Sunethra Abesinghe. Thanks to her dedicated service a great development in the educational aspect of the school was shown, as in 1965 the school was able to provide facilities for the students population increased along with the physical resources. So a science unit, a home science and economics unit, an office and library were added to the school during her time. It is with gratitude Yasodara now remember the first principal of the school Mrs. Sunethra Abesinghe, for the initial steps she had taken of which we now reap the harvest.

1977-1994 Mrs. S. Abesekara

Yasodara greatly appreciate the incomparable service Mrs. Saddha Abesekara, the second principal of the school. The initiation of A/L commerce stream in 1979 and the A/L science stream in 1983 can be considered as special achievements. The library of a school shows the diversity of knowledge. In 1981 , the addition of library lengthened up its avenues for success. The official initiation of the cadet platoon and the brilliant achievements shown in 1982, 1983,1984 and in 1985 spread the names of Yasodara all over the island reaching its climax of success winning the A.C.R.C. Zoyza Presidental challenge trophy in 1990 and in 1993.

1994-1996 Mrs .K.S. Lakshman

Mrs. K.S. Lakshman who rendered a great service since 1994.

1996-1998 Mrs. K.A.L. Kalyanarathna

Mrs.K.A.L.Kalyanarathna who took over the duties as the fifth principal of the school in 1998 and gratefully remembered today when Yasodara celebrate 50 golden years of her history.

1998-2001 Mrs. H.W. Rajakaruna

Mrs. H.W. Rajakaruna , who become the principal of Yasodara in 1998 .

2001-2004 Mrs. H.R.W. Nanayakkara

Mrs. H.R.W. Nanayakkara who took over the duties in 2004 rendered a great service to the Yasodara and dedicated their time and energy to develop the school.

2004-2008 Mrs. L.R. Perera

Mrs. L.R. Perera , the seventh principal of Yasodara devi Balika is remembered gratefully. She paid a great attention to uplift the character of the students as well as their skills and attitudes.

2008-2015 Mrs. L. Basnayake

Mrs. L. Basnayake, the eighth Principal of Yasodara Ballika is remembered gratefully. She paid a great attention to uplift the education of the students as well as the school infrastructure.



Self-esteemed, courageous daughters embellished with wisdom and good qualities,who are capable of facing challenges..


To create a learning environment enrich with experiences which is appro piate to bring forth efficient daughters adorned with balanced personalities and good moral conduct formed with in a religious frame work, through the implementation of the competency based curriculam.

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide opportunities to learn
  • Train students to live harmony
  • Develop creative and language skills
  • From courteous children with a good moral conduct
  • Train leadership qualities and communicative skills
  • Develop practices skills need for living a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop subject achievements
  • Include environment friendly attitude
  • Develop the fluency of the English language


Flag of Yasodara

College Anthem


Sport Houses

The students are divided among four houses:

  1. Amara Devi - yellow colour
  2. Sita Devi - Red colour
  3. Soma Devi - Green colour
  4. Vihara Maha Devi - Blue colour

The houses are named after the four main ancient queens of Sri Lanka. An annual track-and-field tournament among these houses is held at the beginning of the first term.

Annual Events

Prize Awarding Ceremony

Annual prize awarding ceremony is organized by the teachers of Yasodara College to encourage the students who is highlighted in different streams like education, sports, counseling, and all-rounders.

Athletics Meet

Annual athletic meet is organized to display the talents to the sports of yasodaravians to the world.

Srimath Anagarika Dharmaphala Memorial Day

September 17th is a precious day for yasodaravians. Because an arms giving is organized by Buddhist society and teachers of the school by memorizing SrimathAnagarikaDharmapala.