One of the members of Environmental Pioneer Brigade of Our school N.S.Melani Sathyani has been commended in Children's day programme 2021 which was held by ITN channel.

A Student of our school Nisha Hansani Dewanmini has won Dancing Solo 1stplace in NIHON STAR Japanese Talent Competition Recently.

Co-curricular Activities

Societies and Associations

To fulfill the intention of gifting well mannered, well-disciplined as well as talented citizens to the world , who can bear up victories and the defeat, societies, clubs and associations maintained in the school to do a great service. In sharping up the talents of yasodaravians the clubs and societies of Yasodara render a great service.

Sinhala literary society

Sinhala literary society of Yasodara devi Balika maha Vidyalaya enhances the creativity of the students while developing the knowledge of the Sinhala language . "Kala Ulela" is celebrated annually to stage the creative skills of yasodaravians.

English literary society

English literary society which was started in 1990 plays a major role in developing the English proficiency of the students.

Buddhist association

Buddhist association of Yasodara is interested in producing disciplined, students with a good moral character. It organizes a variety of religious programs throughout the year to achieve this purpose.

The science society

The science society Yasodara uses its innovative capacities to make the students aware of the concepts in a practical manner through diverse projects such as ‚"the science Day" , Exhibitions, Medical clinics, seminars, lectures and field trips.

The commerce society

The commerce society of the school tries to promote perceptions and the practical skills through a well arranged programs throughout the year.

The health society

The physical and mental development of health is the motto of this society and the programs are arranged accordingly.

The Japanese language unit

The Japanese language unit was initiation 2006. And it has brought island wide achievements to the school through the programs planned to develop the language competencies.

The Creative writers club

The creative writers club pares the way for the creative writing abilities of the students with the intention of producing future writers. The club conducts its programs both in English and in Sinhala.

The drama society

The hidden abilities related to expression and performance are brought out by the drama society which was initiated in 1994.

The ICT unit

ICT subject was introduced to the schools in 2007 for Ordinary level classes as a technological subject. It was Mrs. Geethani Rajakaruna who taught the subject for the students at the beginning. The foundation of establishing the ICT society rose up with the introducing the GIT subject as a common AL subject. As a result of that there was a good condition and better opportunities.

To combine this new subject with other co-curricular activities. About in 2011, the ICT society was started with a little effort and now it has become a most efficient society in the school. The first office bearers were selected in 2014.

Today the ICT society of YDB has become a leading society among the other school societies with many merits. The ICT Society held their first annual function as "Beyond Excellence" very successfully.

The main objective of this society is promoting the idea of ICT and encourage the students who have enrolled in this field. Bringing new technology and communication to the people and aware about the field is a main target. Overcome the challenges we could get when facing the modern world, this will be a good backbone as an inspiration.

Photographic and Art society

The photographic society was started with the guidance of Mrs. Miyuru Wijemanne as a co-society of ICT society in 2011. Today it plays a major role at the school functions covering whole function and it acts as a major part of the multimedia unit of the school. With this short time period, it has more capable and more efficient when considering their talent and skills. It lets learn photographic art and improve own skills of students. It is a good opportunity to perform and develop talents of the students.

Debating and Oratory unit

The main objective of this unit is to improve the debating and speech skills of students, debating and speech skills of students, improve English and Sinhala language skills among students and develop students with balanced personality.Not long ago the debating team won the first place in the debating competition organized by the Peradeniya University.

Astronomical society

The astronomical society was established in 2008. In 2008, the society held a night camp giving a great opportunity to all students to discover many things in the field and and improve their knowledge. Students participate for many competitions and exams like Astrophysics Olympiad.This lets any student to enter the field if they are interested in.

Extra Curricular Activities

Dancing Group

Yasodaravians are born talented for dancing. Without any single event from our dancing group that function wonít be complete one. Above grade 6, students can select dancing as an esthetic subject. Dancing group of yasodara is a bright star in her history.

In 2010 both the senior and the junior dancing teams obtained the first places in zonal, provincial and all island levels. In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2017 too, the senior team and junior team was able to get the first place in zonal, provincial and in all island levels. Senior team consist with 16 members and junior team consist of 21 members.

Music Group

Students in the middle school will be provided opportunities to be part of the school band. The students in the Pre and primary grades are trained to participate in the percussion bands. Numerous performance opportunities exist within the school both formal and informal. They include public concerts, assemblies, variety entertainment, Sports Meet, Prize Day and other events related to the school. As a subject, Music is taught up to Grade 5. Students may continue to take Music as an optional subject until grade 9. Students who are musically oriented will find a place to pursue their passion and hone in their skill through any of the above mentioned extracurricular activities. Performed exceptionally well in the all island competitions in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2008 and in 2009. In 2011, the group was able to obtain the all island first place.

Eastern Band

The Eastern Band of 2017 has 30 members in the band while the guiding support is given by Mrs. SitariWithanagoda,Mrs. Padmini NilukaRanasinghe , Mrs. Jeewanthi Uthpala Edirisinghe. The Eastern Band performs at the Sports Meet, Prize Giving and many other important events in school.

Western Brass Band

The School's Western brass Band of 2017 has 30 members in the band while the guiding support is given by and Mrs Iresha. The Western Band performs at the band shows, Sports Meet, Prize Giving and many other important events in school.